Saturday, March 23, 2013

want to sleep and sleep and eat and eat

okay yesterday was bad all I felt like doing is sleeping and I felt sooo hungry, soo today I need to make sure I get some exercise so going to take my daughter to play zone then I can get some exercise there as well,  yesterday my food diary was, 2 slices of brown toast and a orange for breakfast, with a bit of low fat spread approx. (1 syn),snack apple, free lasagne for lunch and a freddo(5 1/2 syns), Tea baked potato, baked beans, chicken and salad, I used my healthy extras on milk in cups of teas. (I drink a lot of tea... yesterday was not the best of days but now am looking at this and thinking hmmm I ate quite a lot but it was free food and for some strange reason I was hungrier then normal. although could have used more syns.  I also made some homemade cheese cake bases I need to do the rest of the mix today as I did not have enough time yesterday.... I think I felt bad about yesterday but seeing what I ate don't think it's too bad, maybe am being a bit hard on myself... I got quite depressed yesterday thinking about not being able to get a job, maybe not even coping with a job, makes me feel down thinking about it. not having had good relationships and never being engaged or married, being a single parent. today is a day to be nicer to myself and to stop putting myself down.. positive thinking today...

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