Saturday, March 23, 2013

Todays food diary,
boiled egg.(free)

jacket potato(free)

quorn, sausage and bacon (free)
brown bap (healthy extra)
egg cooked in fry light(free)
a bit of tomato sauce, (2 syns)

muller light yogurt (1/2 syn)

need more syns..... hmmm what shell I have...

activity,, running around play zone and walking around town, had lots of fun with my 5 yr old.

want to sleep and sleep and eat and eat

okay yesterday was bad all I felt like doing is sleeping and I felt sooo hungry, soo today I need to make sure I get some exercise so going to take my daughter to play zone then I can get some exercise there as well,  yesterday my food diary was, 2 slices of brown toast and a orange for breakfast, with a bit of low fat spread approx. (1 syn),snack apple, free lasagne for lunch and a freddo(5 1/2 syns), Tea baked potato, baked beans, chicken and salad, I used my healthy extras on milk in cups of teas. (I drink a lot of tea... yesterday was not the best of days but now am looking at this and thinking hmmm I ate quite a lot but it was free food and for some strange reason I was hungrier then normal. although could have used more syns.  I also made some homemade cheese cake bases I need to do the rest of the mix today as I did not have enough time yesterday.... I think I felt bad about yesterday but seeing what I ate don't think it's too bad, maybe am being a bit hard on myself... I got quite depressed yesterday thinking about not being able to get a job, maybe not even coping with a job, makes me feel down thinking about it. not having had good relationships and never being engaged or married, being a single parent. today is a day to be nicer to myself and to stop putting myself down.. positive thinking today...

Thursday, March 21, 2013

this is a picture of me now....

    This is a picture of me before I started slimming.
Hi everyone I thought I'd make a blog... this is my first post so guessing I'd introduce myself. I am Sarah and last year and the year before I had a really hard time and turned to alcohol which I will not talk about much on here.. I've come out of it now and am losing weight with slimming world which I'd like to talk about on here and am feeling good about life again.. I have now lost 3 stone 13 and a half pounds and been abstinent from alcohol for a year. I'm making a blog to remind myself how I am doing and to update others. maybe inspire some who knows.

Today I have received an veg and fruit box which I love and am going to the gym before picking my 5 year old up from school..

think i'd leave this at here, I may will put my diet up on here too and how am doing each time..