Thursday, March 21, 2013

Hi everyone I thought I'd make a blog... this is my first post so guessing I'd introduce myself. I am Sarah and last year and the year before I had a really hard time and turned to alcohol which I will not talk about much on here.. I've come out of it now and am losing weight with slimming world which I'd like to talk about on here and am feeling good about life again.. I have now lost 3 stone 13 and a half pounds and been abstinent from alcohol for a year. I'm making a blog to remind myself how I am doing and to update others. maybe inspire some who knows.

Today I have received an veg and fruit box which I love and am going to the gym before picking my 5 year old up from school..

think i'd leave this at here, I may will put my diet up on here too and how am doing each time..

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  1. Yay! another blogger :D

    I'll add you to my blog list Sarah and I look forward to reading your posts :) xx